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Bankruptcy and Debt Relief



Surely you’ve heard that bankruptcy is a “fresh start.” What you might not know is that your financial position when you complete the process can vary dramatically depending on the steps you take before and during bankruptcy.

Admittedly, we assign our bankruptcy clients a lot of homework. But it’s worth it – with proper planning, you can have the same debts discharged while preserving more of your assets for your post-bankruptcy recovery. See, we’re doing a lot of homework too, figuring out how to make that picture as bright as possible.

Most people considering filing are eligible for a free consultation to determine eligibility. Contact us today and find out if you qualify.

Representative services: Eligibility and CMI Analysis, Exemption Planning, Petition Preparation and Filing, Chapter 341 (Creditor) Meetings, Chapter 11 and 13 Planning, Refinancing and Creditor Management

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