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Employment and Labor


Not just another day at the office. You give your all for your employer, don't they owe the same to you? Too often, workers don't understand the rights they have, and so their employers happily take advantage. We are here to make sure you get what you are entitled to, and to protect you if your employer fails to.

There's no place for discrimination or harassment, least of all where you are trying to make a living. If you are being treated differently because of your identity or ability, we will fight to make things right, to make sure your dignity is acknowledged and protected.

You likely have a right to overtime if you work more than 40 hours in a week or 8 in a day. Just because you receive an annual salary doesn't necessarily mean your employer can demand your presence or attention during what should be your personal time without compensation. You might hear them toss around terms like "independent contractor" or "exempt employee,"​ but the law has the final say on what these mean. Reach out to us today - we'll help you understand if you are being shortchanged, and if so, help you get back the money you rightfully earned.

Unemployment is not a hand-out. It is an insurance policy you pay the premium for with every paycheck. If you've been wrongfully denied benefits, or accused of receiving benefits you were not entitled to, we will help you navigate this confusing and often intimidating landscape. If you've received this sort of determination, get in touch immediately to protect and preserve your rights.

Representative services: Minimum wage violations; workplace discrimination and harassment; employment agreements; severance agreements; unemployment claims and appeals; wage theft; ADA violations; FMLA appeals.

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