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No matter what the market does, an investment in real estate will only be as profitable as you make it. Our Landlord-Tenant solutions are a cost-effective way to maximize your returns.

Bad tenants can turn a great property into a liability. Using form leases and failing to maintain complete records are two easy ways to complicate the processes of removing bad tenants and recovering back rents. At the outset, we’ll carefully screen applicants to help you avoid problem tenants. To mitigate difficulties later on, we’ll draft strong leases appropriate to your building and tenants, and work with management to ensure best practices and proper documentation.

Removing a tenant is a delicate process. Small defects in documents or service can tie up the proceedings, costing months of rent in the case of an insolvent tenant. We make sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed, so to speak, while keeping costs to a minimum. If and when litigation is necessary, our strategy minimizes the length of the process while maximizing recovery, including our fees, if possible.

Representative services: Lease Drafting, Tenant Vetting, Violation Avoidance and Litigation, Removal and Non-Renewal (Rent-Stabilized and Rent-Control Tenants), Evictions, Foreclosures, Co-op and Condo Disputes

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